Sassa Status Check Failed due to Identity Verification Failed

Applicants who are facing a “Sassa status check failed due to identity verification failed” error should not worry as we have a solution for you. There are many reasons behind this notification message and you will get to know in this post. When you perform Sassa status check online then you will get this response and it has a solution as well.

Sassa is offering so many kinds of grants and one of them is the R350 SRD grant. However, you will face the same SMS error on all Sassa grants if there will be some errors in your application. If you are a recipient of the Social Relief of Distress grant then you should not feel frustrated. The grant applications need to get approval from the Department of Home Affairs (South Africa) before issuing the SRD R350 grant to the applicants.

Let’s find out what this SMS error means and how you could get out of this situation. Also, see what are the examples of failure applications and how to improve them.

What is Sassa Status Check Failed? What is Identity Verification Failed?

Sassa (South African Social Security Agency) uses many different methods to verify the details of applicants. It also uses the Department of Home Affairs to cross-match the data of all the recipients. Sassa may cross-match the personal information of all applicants to verify their details with the Department of Home Affairs.

What is Sassa Status Check Failed What is Identity Verification Failed

If there is any mistake in the personal information of an applicant that he/she provided then you will receive this error “Sassa Status Check Failed” or “Identity Verification Failed”. So it means, there is a mistake from the recipient like a typo in the name, surname, ID number, or phone number. So you may need to correct your information and then reapply for the grant.

You can also check why your status is pending when applying for an SRD grant online.

What is the Solution for Sassa Identity Verification Failed?

There is no need to be sad as there is an easy solution for the statuses “Status check failed or ID verification failed. You can appeal for reconsideration if you think that there is a mistake in your application.

How to Appeal for Reconsideration?

Follow these steps to make an appeal for your SRD grant application.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Provide your ID number.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Click on submit to appeal for your grant payment.

Now your reapplication request is submitted and you need to check your status regularly to know about the grant payment.


So these are the meanings of Sassa statuses and you can get out of this frustration easily as well. Just follow these steps and make an appeal for reconsideration to get another chance for the SRD R350 payment.

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